Christmas in the Rain

As tensions rose in the camp and in the town just before Christmas the local population sometimes find it very difficult to be housing so many displaced people.  Unfortunately it resulted in a few skirmishes which led to the main warehouse holding tents, sleeping bags, blankets and clothes being burnt to the ground.  This was extremely bad timing as the heavens opened and the people arriving on the island over the Christmas period couldn’t even be given a tent to sleep in.   As volunteers we have to realise we cannot help everyone, what we can do is make sure the world is aware of what is happening right on their doorstep.

On the upside, there seems to be a large number of refugees who have been granted an open card in the last couple of weeks.  This means they will be allowed to travel to other areas of Greece.  Many will go to Athens in the hope that they are one step nearer to being given European Passports so that they can go and begin a new life somewhere safe!

Having had torrential rain for three days the town of Samos is sodden, and so is everyone here.  The centre where we meet the refugees is a good 10 minute walk from the camp.  We can only imagine what it must be like to arrive back at your tent soaking wet.  With no electric to dry your clothes I can only hope they have enough dry blankets to keep warm for the night.

I am already realising that hot water bottles might be a sought after item, but of course they would have to get hot water during the day and so it won’t still be hot when they need it at night.  Is there another solution, maybe a thermos flask is a better solution so they can make a hot drink before bed ….. ideas welcome please.

The homeopathic clinic is going well in it’s first few days. I have been helping people coughs and colds, ear infections, UTI’s, arthritis and parasite infections.  I am also putting together a talk about natural health and hygiene to help people do whatever they can to stay healthy during this difficult time.


Remedies Needed Now … Can You Help?

Can You Spare Any of the Following: Please look through our different requirements to see how you can help now and in the future  Homeopathic Remedies Potency 200c, 1m and 10m Arnica Aconite Staphysagria Carcinosin Causticum Aurum Ignatia Nat mur Acute Remedies...

Thank you

Thank You So MuchYour donation is going to be a great help to get more equipment and facilities right here right now!  We know that a lot of people are going to be better off because of your donation. Please keep up to date with our progress.  Please share what we are...

The ‘We Are One’ Centre

My First Day Helping at The 'We Are One' Centre for refugee women and babies'We Are One' have a team of about (about because obviously it changes as volunteers come and go) 8 Western volunteers and 8 refugees.  They all work together to prepare the centre to receive...

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Here are the November Figures The Refugee Camps on the islands of Samos and LesvosHave a few hours to spare?It's Time to Give your Gift of Change  Get in Touch By Email Send us a messageEmail

Working With ‘We Are One’

Working with 'We are One'We have set up with 'We Are One' in Samos town in Greece 'We are one' has a centre welcoming over 200 women and their small children each day. They provide a plate of nutritious food as well as fruit and drinks to everyone. But they do much...

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