Help for Ukraine

Homeopathy247 is raising money to help displaced people in Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees in Poland.

We are sending personal homeopathic kits out to both Ukraine people who have arrived in Poland.

We are also setting up more extensive trauma kits for the homeopaths and pharmacies struggling to help as many people as they can in Ukraine.

We need your help!

We would like to help in a number of ways:

We need the money to pay for the remedies and bottles to get as many kits out there as we can. We have homeopaths, here in the UK who are putting together these kits for us.

With your help we can make up and ship 1000 kits in the next couple of weeks. If we can raise more money then we will continue to make up the kits so that we can help more people.

We need £3500 to make up and ship out 1000 kits

Please help us by donating here:

We will keep you updated about all of the help that we can provide.

With the experience our team has collectively, we are in a good position to offer help to displaced people.

We have team members who:

  • Have worked in refugee camps
  • Are Polish and can offer translations
  • Have contacts in Ukraine and Poland
  • Know homeopaths, nurses and Doctors on the front line
  • Have connections with the pharmacies in Ukraine
  • Have experience raising money
  • Have experience helping displaced people
  • Have experience prescribing for Post
  • Traumatic Stress
  • Have experience teaching people on the ground to prescribe

We are also proud to know so many people who want to help us help more people.

We hope you can help us get the supplies we need to get them into Poland and Ukraine.

Help Ukraine with Homeopathy