Gift of Change

Promoting Moral Independance for people trapped in inhumane conditions within our community

Providing basic care for those who need it most

 We are providing basic first aid care for people trapped in a situation that is worse than most people can imagine.

In a camp designed for 600 people, over 6000 men, women, children and babies try to survive in tents whilst awaiting to be processed and given a chance of a new life in a safe country or returned to their old life in war torn, dangerous circumstances.  

With up to 600 people arriving each week, the camp is ill equiped and often a dangerous place to be.  There are only a few toilets and showers and basic amenities.  The camps are government run and have no provision for charity help.

In the town there are about 12 charities right now providing essential provisions such as food, water, tents, sleeping bags and clothes.



What we do

Gift of change work in a women’s centre in the town which offers a safe haven for a few hours a day.  Somewhere where women can come with their young children and have a meal and a drink.

They can join the langauge or computer classes, they can join yoga and health classes and they can partake in other activities designed to help them regain their dignity and self esteem.

We now can offer basic health care with homeopathic medicines as well as councelling and other therapies needed for basic survival.

Looking For Ways to Help?

Please have a look at all of the different ways you can help us help those who need so much