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Sulis Machine

We need a sulus machine to be able to make our own remedies for our first aid kits.  This machine allows us to prepare homeopathic remedies to help families recover from coughs, colds, flu, help reduce ear ache, tooth ache, headaches and stomach aches. Prepare remedies to build immunity, reduce inflammation and make anxiety and grief less overwhelming

Target £900 

Flower Essences

We need to a full kit of flower Essence medicating potences so that we can help make life less overwhelming for hundreds of families living in tents with no electric, water or cooking facilities

Target £300

Translation Fees

This is one of the vital resources we need to be able to offer our services in the most efficient way to over ten different nationalities currently housed in the camps in Greece.

We need to translate our courses and practical guides into each of the languages so that we can communicate efficiently with all of beneficiaries.


Target £400


We need to pay for all of the donated goods to be sent to the island of Samos.  We are currently look to raise £200 for our next few shipments.  Please can you help.

See our Fund Raisin iniatives to see how you can help raise this money so that we can help Right Now!

Target £200 

Feel Good Kits

We know how important it is to keep providing hope and inspiration to keep fighting for your life.  Our Feel Good Kits allow our beneficiaries to Feel Human just for a few hours …. we need 200 kits right now and you can help raise the money we need to pay for them.

Target £600

Multi Vitamins

Living in a tent in a camp with limited sanitation, basic survival food and only one set of clothes, limited washing facilities few human dignities, we need to give our benificaries multi vitamins to boost their already stressed and stretched immune systems.   We need to buy vitamens for 500 people right now.

Target £750

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