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We need money for:
Herbal remedies
Homeopathic remedies
Shampoos & soaps
Grief & trauma remedies

Natural medicines for coughs, colds, flu, ear ache, throat infections

Refugees in Samos

In Samos in Greece, there are now more than 8000 men, women and children living in a camp for 600 people. The ‘We Are One’ Centre provides a rest-bite for women and their babies to take some “time out” from the appalling conditions in the camp.

But there’s a problem

As the temperatures lower, the risks of fire in the camp increase as the refugees use heaters to try to keep warm. The tents rip in the wind, they have no beds just blankets to lie on and sleeping bags to keep warm. Because the camp is full there are hundreds of tents in an unofficial camp spread across the hillside. There are no facilities here and as tensions run high, it is not a safe place to be.

Resources are limited. Food, clothing, hot water and medical care are provided by the Non Government organisations working in the town. The refugees spend all day in queues to receive what help they can.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

We are raising money for additional resources much needed at the ‘We Are One Centre’. We are the only ALL WOMAN centre in the area and we provide a safe space for a few hours a day.


We are currently collection money for both homeopathic remedies to help with both acute first aid symptoms and also the emotional grief and trauma that the refugees are holding.

In order to build resilience and boost immunity we are also putting together packs of:

Natural herbal and homeopathic remedies for parasites and skin infections

Vitamins and minerals

Baby clothes and blankets

Hot water bottles or heat pads

Other therapy classes such as art therapy, sound therapy, reflexology and stress relief

You can join us

Help Us Raise the £5000 we need for immediate remedies and kits to help these people survive this winter



We need money for:

Packs for new babies including nappies. (They are given 5 nappies a week per baby at the camp),

Hot water bottles

Wool, material, needles and thread to make and mend clothes and blankets


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